playback error.

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playback error.

Post by animziggy » Wed May 30, 2018 2:19 pm

Hey all,

First of all Duduk thanks for the amazing plugin. I use it all the time. I come from 3D animation background so it helps me a lot.

This is a long shot but I installed DuiK in AFterEffects CC 2018 and used it quite a bit with the bone/puppet tool. But suddenly AFX stops previewing after a specific frame (615) and it won't play anything after that even if I select 2-3 frames. I get the usual 2 frame memory error. So I followed all usual avenues, flashed memory, cache, minimised my project, smaller files etc etc. Adobe live support did suggested exactly the same steps. :?

I asked a friend to load it at their super duper machine (64GB of RAM etc) and they said it is working fine and they saved a new version for me which I opened on mine and sadly it is all wrong. The friend confirmed that my version had the errors on their machine which I am now getting...but at least I get playback.

Initially I thought this was a memory computer power issue but I'm pretty convinced it is not if you guys think this is DuiK related any ideas would be helpful.

Thanks a lot,


p.s. An attached version of one of the errors, there are several like that throughout the file like a lot of distortions..
6340c6a8-6cf8-4312-b5d6-03af2f548083.jpg (29.81 KiB) Viewed 111 times

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