Controller misplacement

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Controller misplacement

Post by EddyLoonstijn » Sun Feb 26, 2017 2:31 am

Good afternoon,
first of all: Thank you for this free app.

second: when I try an IK-rig on a simpel 3-layer arm (upper-, lower-, hand) everythings works fine, however if I try this on my already developed rig the hand-controller places itself after 'Create controller not on the Anchorpoint of the selected hand but somewhere left-up outside of the compscreen.
Well, I don't mind doing some re-positioning, so the controller is now above the anchor-point of the hand. Oke: select nHand, nLowerarm, nUpperarm, controller; then: 2-layer-rig with Goal and 'IK-Create'; there is a very short rotation of the whole arm and back again to it's original rotation. After that it all works fine, so what's the fuss?
When I try to disable the Goal, the whole arm rotates I think to the same rotation as just after I clicked 'IK-Create' (see above)
So I think there is some problem here, that has to do with the complexity of the underlying rig: that is, there are many different hands parented to a Null called nHand, also many lowerarms to nLowerarm and many upperarms to nUpperarm. nHand is parented to nLowerarm, nLowerarm is parented to nUpperarm. And these Nulls I use for the IK-chain.
So I thought, maybe DUIK doesn't like Nulls as the basis for an IK-chain. So I checked this with an other rig, just consisting of 3 Nulllayers. But this works perfect again.
So, what's the matter? Or, better, what can I do to solve this problem?
Greetings from New Zealand (yes you are very international!)

PS. third: If I try a 3-layer IK without Goal I get a strange gap between hand and lowerarm; the rest stay good connected.

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