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[Duik 16] Can't import composition with rigged character into my project with other rigged characters

Posted: Sat May 05, 2018 12:56 pm
by armax9
Steps to reproduce

I have AE project with some rigged characters (with Duik 16).
I try to import other rigged (with Duik 16) character from other project.
I get many errors, and my imported composition is empty. I have nothing in it - no controllers, no layers (legs, arms, body, etc.). And keep getting Error message, when try to open imported composition.

That happens with all my projects with Duik 16 rig.

Tool & Version

Duik 16.0.1-Alpha-9 (I also tried older builds)
CC2018 (15.1.1) (I also tried CC 2017)
Windows 10
Bug Report

Error Message 1

After Effects warning: effect control conversion required in effect "". Some effect cotrols will be reset. To avoid silently resetting these same effect controls on all subsequently loaded projects, save this project and then quit & re-launch After Effects.

(25 :: 0)
Error Message 2

After Effects error: attempt to get a value from a time stream with no key values.

(29 :: 36)
Error Message 3

After Effects error: missing data in file.

(33 :: 4)
Error Message 4

After Effects warning: your project file is apparently damaged (skipped sections: 1). Please save using a different name.

(26 :: 1)