Known issues using Photoshop Layers rather than Illustrator? Also: resizing issues?

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Apollo del Rio
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Known issues using Photoshop Layers rather than Illustrator? Also: resizing issues?

Post by Apollo del Rio » Tue Nov 06, 2018 3:54 am

I'm familiar with AE, PS, and AI, but new to Duik and animation in general. I have just a few days to pull together a video, and already have some of a mockup done in Photoshop, but all the video tutorials I've watched for Duik seem to be using vector layers instead.

Is this just due to the fact that two overlapping body parts with the same color and no texture form an invisible joint, or are there some key things I should know before spending any more time completing the character in Photoshop?

I'm definitely not a fan of puppet pins, and would like to avoid them alltogether. I get the general idea about textures and shading looking weird as the joint moves, but are there other issues beyond that I should be aware of?

Also not seeing a lot of info about character resizing. I started making the character about twice the size I need on purpose to avoid pixelation if it ends up being used in a bigger comp, or any close-ups. Should I be aware of anything there, or can I always just shrink the containing comp to suit the scene?

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Re: Known issues using Photoshop Layers rather than Illustrator? Also: resizing issues?

Post by Duduf » Fri Nov 16, 2018 7:47 pm


Actually, I do prefer creating characters in Photoshop and avoiding the puppet tool too ;) It's just a matter of style and there is no technical reason to choose Ai over Ps, do whatever you prefer :)

Character resizing can easily be done if you animate outside of the rigged composition, using the "extract controllers" tool (see the user guide: ), but it's always better in terms of performance to rig several versions at different resolutions, to work with the ones as small as possible depending on the shot.

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