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Many errors

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 4:48 pm
by avigra

I have AE 2019 and recently installed Duik but when I try to open a composition made with Duik (by a friend) I get many errors and the rig doesn't function properly (please see attachment).

Any ideas?

Re: Many errors

Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2019 9:30 am
by Duduf
I'm not sure these errors are from Duik but may be in Joystick and sliders.
There's not enough information in this screenshot to know, can you post one of the expressions which throws an error?

Re: Many errors

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 9:37 am
by avigra

It is also Joystick but Duick as well I think:

var fx = effect("IK | Right Arm | Puppet Pin");
if (fx(47).value) fx(44).value*100 else 0;

Re: Many errors

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 4:26 pm
by Duduf
Hum, this specific expression in Duik can indeed cause errors with the new JavaScript engine in CC2019, but I thought I had fixed all of these.
Was this rig made with an older version?

The workaround is to go in the project settings and switch the expression engine to "ExtendScript legacy"