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DUIK BASSEL basics vs. DUIK classic

Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 5:59 pm
Hello! I've been using DUIK for at least 7 years now- and I love it! I've incorporated it into nearly all of my character work. However, because I started using it when all it involved was manually rigging a simple IK, one leg at a time, selecting layers and hitting the IK button, trying to learn DUIK Bassel is like learning a completely new tool set in a different language. For me, personally, it's not very intuitive and I find myself keeping AE 18 around as older DUIK is that much easier and sometimes with time constraints, there's no other option.

I was wondering if it were possible if you could update Duik 15.5 so it works with AE cc19 or if there was a duik 'classic' version possible that could work with future AE updates? The two versions are so different that I wish we had an option.

Or put it to me straight- is this the future and I just gotta suck it up hahaha

Thank you!

Re: DUIK BASSEL basics vs. DUIK classic

Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2019 7:22 pm
by Duduf

actually it seems the latest update of After Effects, 16.1.1, fixed the installation of Duik 15. It couldn't be installed previously because of a bug in Ae itself.

Anyway, yes, I strongly advise you to learn Duik Bassel as soon as you have some time, as we won't be able to maintain a working version of Duik 15. It's nice if it continues to work, but who knows? ;)

keep this address at hand: !
Especially the jumpstart by Jake In Motion mentionned there ;)